Indian Halal Meat Industry

India is the major producing and exporting country of bovine meat in the world. Indian Meat industry has shown the annual growth of more than ten percent since 1990-91. Unorganized sector has the greater share in meat production in comparison to registered organized sector. The overall estimated production of meat was 6.5 million tonnes during 2007-08 while in recognized sector it was only 2.6 million tones. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Karnataka, Rajasthan & Punjab are major producing states of meat in India. Slaughter rate for cattle as a whole is 1.37%, for buffaloes it is 3.54%, sheep 29.02% and 34.08% for goats in the year 2007-08. Average yield rate per buffalo is higher than cattle. Poultry is highly slaughtered animal in India followed by goat and ship.

Major quantities of produced meat specifically buffalo meat are exported in overseas market since the domestic market doesn’t have the much demand due to religious constraint in Hindu and Buddhism religion which constitute more than eighty percent population of country. Beef export is prohibited by laws of India. In the year 2008-09, total 462749.65 metric tone buffalo meat worth 1052.32 million dollar were exported. Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippine and Middle East countries are major importing destination. After beef, mutton is another meat products worth 107.27$ million, exported major quantity to Middle East, Malaysia and Angola. Major quantity of poultry products include eggs and meat (Quantity 1057016 metric tone worth 42205 million $) have been exported to Afghanistan, Germany, Denmark, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Japan

A big advantage for India is its livestock health status. India has always been free from the dreaded Mad Cow Disease (BSE) and has been free from Rinderpest since 1995. There has not been a single incidence of Contagious Bovine Pleuro Pneumonia (CBPP) in India during the previous 12 years. Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) remains the only issue of concern, though being controlled through various measures. During the year 2008, 2207 buffaloes are attacked and 454 are died due to different disease like Hemorrhagic septicemia, foot & mouth disease etc. In the year 2008-09, government of India released 11515 Lakh rupees for the control of diseases in animal. This amount is one third portion of overall animal welfare fund.

Demand of Indian Meat is expanding in overseas market especially increasing demand of buffalo’s meat in gulf and south eastern countries due to its lean character and it's near organic nature. Adhering of Halal method in slaughter of animals is an important issue for the consumers from Muslim world, therefore, prior to granting the registration certificate to abattoirs /meat processing plants, it is mandatory to disclose the method of slaughter whether Halal method for slaughter of animals practiced properly and record about number of animals slaughtered kept by the representatives of the Islamic organization also. Due to certainty of Halal compliance, India is favorite destination to import the meat by gulf and Muslim countries due to its hygiene and Halal nature.

Recently, questions have been raised about the Halal certainty regarding the slaughtering methods in Indian meat to create an atmosphere of suspicious. False imaginations are labeled that being Hindu dominated country, Indian meat are slaughtered by Pagans without taking the name of Allah and not accordance to Islamic way of bleed. It is pertinent to note herein that India hosts the world’s third largest Muslim community and meat profession is exclusively conquered by Muslims. More than ninety five percent producer and exported belongs to Muslim community. Abattoirs and meat plants are owned by Muslim. Hindu community is completely vegetarian and slaughtering are strictly prohibited according to their religion.

Latest controversy starts after the announcement of Algerian government to import 4000 tons read meat from India to meet out their increasing demand during the month of Ramzan. Since, it is new destination shown the interest to import Indian meat, new wave of fatwas and false reports regarding Indian meat are rumored around us that Indian meat are produced by Qadianies with the help of Israel and forged Halal stamp are used to deceive the Muslim. Fake claims about the forged Halal stamp and the belonging of Ahmedi Muslim to Indian meats are quoted by a report published by World Assembly Muslim Youth (WAMY), an Islamic educational organization based in the United Kingdom. To ensure the report, WAMY official are contacted by us and they promptly replied “No such report has been published by WAMY in the UK. Our office engages in community educational and Islam awanreness programmes. Our work has no relation to such issues as Halal meat in India”.

Indeed it is not the matter of Halal but the whole controversy is motivated by rivalry among importers. Same concerns are raised Djahid Zefzef, General Manager of the Algerian Meat Packing Company, said that the controversy about Indian meat is not related to Islamic slaughtering as much as it is a war between meat importers.

“We have previously imported meat from non-Muslim countries and no problems happened,” he told Al Arabiya. “The 4,000 tons of Indian meat are all in accordance with international standards.”
In response to concerns about whether the meat is halal, Zefzef stressed that the Algerian government imports the meat from authorized Muslim slaughterhouses in India, particularly in the western state of Maharashtra and the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

Pakistan, neighboring country of India, is also grooming its meat market according to international standard and specifically the Halal market of Muslim countries to accumulate the India’s share. According to media report by leading Pakistan’s newspaper Dawn “In January, Malaysian Minister for Agriculture Seri bin Haji Omar visited various private sector slaughter houses in Pakistan and held meetings with the Food and Agriculture Minister Nazar Mohammad Gondal to discuss meat imports from Pakistan. Pakistan has just started exporting halal meat to Malaysia. It is interesting to note that the Malaysian government is importing two-third of its meat requirements from India. So, Malaysia could import at least 60,000 tons of meat from Pakistan if it chooses to do so.”

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