Halal Shampoo in India

India is a traditional market for shampoo due to environmental need. Indian prefers to use the shampoo frequently and especially at the occasion of marriage and other festivals. Recently in scare of hair loss and other problems caused due to use of artificial chemicals in manufacturing of shampoos, Indian have shown the interest in herbal manufactured products. All leading brands in keeping consideration of herbal shampoo requirement introduced the new brands with herbal tag. But the highly potential lucrative market of Halal conscious Muslim consumer is untapped. According to estimation, Indian rural and young generation would be the next potential target or shampoo market. Indian Muslim has the substantial share in youth and largely located in rural areas. Due to religious obligation, Muslim prefers to use the Halal certified products. Currently many leading FMCG brands like Hindustan Unilever, CavinKare, P&G, Dabur and Colgate Palmolive have the range of Shampoo products in their basket but the Halal endorsed shampoo is still lacking in Indian market for Muslim consumers who have more than 15% share in overall population. Most of population uses the soaps or traditional Heena and Amla to wash their hair while herbal made are the first choices among the shampoos. Himalaya, Dabur, Ayur, Shanaz are the favorite brands for the Muslim due to non spirituous nature of products. Besides the domestic market, 107 Crore Rs. shampoos are exported from India during 2009-10 in overseas market. Muslim countries are the importer of more than 60% in whole quantity of shampoos. Non spirituous shampoo has more than 90 percent share in overall exported quantity. These eye opener facts clearly indicate towards a huge potential market in Halal shampoo without any competition.  

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