Warana Sugar Gulf Trading Unveils World's 1st Halal Certified Sugar from India

Warana Sugar Gulf Trading Unveils World's 1st Halal Certified Sugar from India

Dubai, UAE - 9th February 2012 :  Warana Sugar Gulf Trading LLC, part of Warana Sugar (India), today unveiled the world's 1st halal certified sugar from India in an exclusive media launch held at the Al Maeshah Ballroom, Grand Hyatt in Dubai.   The company also announced plans to penetrate the GCC market this year, immediately after launching in the UAE.
Kazi Mufti Mohamed Kifayathullah Baqavi, a recognized government body in India, issued a 2 year-halal certificate to Warana Sugar valid from 20th November in 2011 which confirms that Warana sugar  is lawful and permitted for human consumption and fit for Muslim community.  The official document states that the "high tech processing machineries at the company's manufacturing plant contains no Haram (Islamically forbidden) ingredients and other elements of impurities, harmfulness, alcohol, intoxicate materials, chemical substances and materials whole or part which are or have been derived from terrestrial and marine animals, pork, lard and by products, birds origin, skins, hair, blood, insects, fresh water or any other ingredients produced from genetically modified or engineered organism obtained through biotechnology".

Chief guest at the launch was Mr Vinay Kore,  Chairman of Warana Group of Industries (India), who flew in to Dubai especially to attend the event.  He was joined by two other top executives Mr V.S. Chavan, Managing Director of Warana Sugar (India) and Mr Sanjay Vaidya,  Director of Warana Sugar (India).Mr Rajesh Vangani, CEO/Director of Warana Gulf Trading LLC, said, "Warana Gulf Trading is pleased to be part of Warana Sugar (India), second largest Sugar manufacturer in India and known for its long standing history as a key player in India's thriving sugar industry.   After launching Warana sugar in the UAE, we plan to penetrate Saudi and Oman before Ramadan and the rest of the GCC before the end of the year."

Warana Gulf Trading LLC is the representative office of  Warana Sugar (India) in the Middle East and will be overseeing the marketing activities of Warana's products across the region.
In the Middle East, there is currently a shortage in capacity of about 3 Million MT of sugar while the EU's consumption requirement is forecasted at about 2.0 Million MT in the next 2-3 years.  Industry estimates published in 2009 revealed that the UAE's sugar consumption is at nearly 140,000 tonnes per year, calculated based on the annual per capita sugar consumption of 34 kilograms per year, which is higher than the world average of 24 kilograms.  The region's annual sugar consumption is at 12 million tonnes, of which 8.5 million are imported. 
USDA May 2011 report cites there is a current surplus in the world's sugar supply market which is predicted to shift to a shortage of sugar in the next 2-3 years due to strong demand coming from emerging markets.  India, being the second largest sugar producer in the world, next to Brazil, is also a large consumer.  In fact, the large amount of sugar that India produces as a net exporter, when offset by domestic consumption, makes the country a net importer of sugar.
"UAE's strategic location gives it the advantage to cater to the export markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  We are currently finalizing our partnerships with key retailers in the UAE and as soon as we establish our presence in the region, we will focus on our expansion in CIS countries  and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania," added Mr Vangani.
Warana sugar products will be available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and retail outlets across the UAE by end of February 2012.Profile of Warana Group of Industries (India)
Warana Group of Industries (India) is a leading and progressive conglomerate involve in the following sectors:
White Plantation Sugar  - The total cane crushing is 18,000 MT per day and  produces 300,000 MT sugar annually;
Refined Sugar -   Recently installed and commissioned a refined sugar plant with state of art  technology to refine raw  sugar from TLPT, London for capacity of 700 MT  per day
Distillery -  100,000 Ltrs per day rectified spirit and ethanol production, extra neutral alcohol,etc
Power - Installed 44 MW bagasse based co-generation plant
Gas -  Set up Methane gas generation plant from the distillery to produce methane gas which is again cleaned and converted into compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles and industrial purpose
Organic Manure -  50,000 MT of sugar cane pressmud is converted into  rich organic manure; sold domestically and exported as well
Warana Group of Industries (India) established Warana Dairy in 1968 with the sole intention of supplementing  the income of zealous farmers.  It currently collects more than 700,000 Liters of Milk per day and engaged in processing ghee, yogurt, table butter, cheese, bornevita etc.  With annual turnover of USD 150 Million,  it is the second largest milk dairy in India.
Warana Sugar (India), a subsidiary of Warana Group of Industries (India), achieved the highest quantity of crushed sugarcane in India in 2010. For season 2010 - 2011, it received First Prize, High Recovery Zone for Best Technical Efficiency at National Level, from the National Federation of Co-Operative Sugar Factories Ltd in New Delhi.
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