Zee Salaam All Set To Make The Holy Month Of Ramzaan Special For Its Viewers

Launched by the leading media conglomerate, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, ZEE SALAAM is the first 24 hour Urdu infotainment satellite television channel, dedicated to Urdu language and Muslim Culture. It caters to the religious, cultural and lifestyle needs of the Muslim community. Zee Salaam since its inception has had the legacy of celebrating various Islamic events by offering customized programmes for its viewers, be it Urs, Ramzaan, Hajj, Eid or Muharrum. Continuing its tradition, this year too, Zee Salaam is all set to make the Holy Month of Ramzaan as grand and comprehensive as possible through customized and innovative content on the channel.

Custom made programs are showcased on the channel incorporating importance of various events and LIVE happenings from the ground during the event from across the nation. For the entire month of Ramzaan, specialised content would be showcased on the channel throughout the day incorporating Quran Recitals, Hadiths, Azan (5 times a day), Isha Namaz, Talk Shows highlighting importance and Do's & Don'ts for the month, Ramzaan based Mushairas, Quwwalis, Food Show, LIVE Taraweeh from major Masjids across the nation, LIVE Iftaar parties from select cities of the country and the happenings from the Holy Mecca. 

Mr. Anil Anand, Business Head says, "Zee Salaam is committed to offering viewer centric content based on the continuous research it does on the choices and preferences of the viewers and always strives to provide a fine blend of traditional and progressive content."
Zee Salaam promises and delivers to its viewers a hybrid of Islamic Religion, Soft Entertainment, Musicals & Development Communication which includes Education, Lifestyle, Travel Shows, Historical Documentaries, Kids Programmes, Religion (Quran, Hadith, Maghrib & Isha Prayers etc.), Legal Talks, Legacies of Islam, Urdu Serials & Musicals besides Developmental Content showcasing issues and solutions pertaining to Career/Education, Women, Children & generic social issues. It also offers Talk Shows on relevant subjects by noted Indian Muslims and experts.

Celebrations on Zee Salaam include:

1. Program: Salaam-e-Mehfil
Timing: 2000 hrs (30 mins duration)
Frequency: Daily 
Highlights: Ramzaan theme based Mushaira by renowned Shayars across the 
length and breadth of the country.

2.  Program: Khana Khazana
Timing: 1330 hrs  (30 mins duration)
Frequency: Daily 
Highlights: Cookery show by renowned chef Sanjeev  Kapoor showcasing unique and
delicious Muslim cuisine.

3. Program: Qawwali

Timing: 1400 hrs & 1930 hrs (1 hr duration)
Frequency: Daily 
Highlights: Ramzaan theme based Qawwalis by renowned  Qawwals of India.

4. Program: Jahan-e-Niswa
Timing: 1430 hrs & 2030 hrs (30 mins duration)
Frequency: Daily 
Highlights: Talk show with renowned Muslim female celebrities based on women
issues (fasting, health, worship etc.) pertaining to Ramzaan.

5. Program: Ramzaan Aaj
Timing: 1500 hrs  (1 hr duration)
Frequency: Daily 
Highlights: A studio based LIVE call-in program that includes interactivity with viewers.
An anchor along with an Islamic expert would discuss various topics pertaining to Ramzaan highlighting relevance of each day of Ramzaan. The program also showcases LIVE celebrations from the ground  during the festival season from targeted 10-15 cities of  Delhi and U.P.

6. Program: Rooh-e-Ramzaan (Taraweeh LIVE )
Timing: 2100 hrs  (1 hr duration)
Frequency: Daily 
Highlights: LIVE Telecast of Taraweeh  Namaz from Major Masjids of Delhi & U.P.

7. Program: Salaam Aaj
Timing: 2200 hrs  (30 mins duration)
Frequency: Daily 
Highlights: Daily round up of Ramzaan oriented stories & celebrations  from various
parts of the country.

8. Program: Ramzaan Mubarak
Timing: 2230 hrs  (30 mins duration)
Frequency: Daily 
Highlights: Program would showcase Ramzaan specific  Islamic activities from
the ground . It would include religious speaches known as  Khutba about Ramzaan by
renowned Maulanas of various cities of the country. Also local talent from respective cities, singing religious couplet "NAAT" would be showcased on the channel.

9.  Program: Mecca LIVE

Timing: 2300 hrs  onwards
Frequency: Daily 
Highlights: Channel would carry LIVE happenings / festivities from Mecca during
Ramzaan, beginning with late night Namaaz called "Taraweeh", continuing till early hours  of the morning.

Apart from the above content, channel would showcase unique Ramzaan based fillers (duration ranging from 1 min to 5 mins each) like 5 pillar of Islam, Hadith-e-Nabwi, Baatein Ramzaan ki, Fazilat-e-Ramzaan, Haud-o-Naat etc. The same would be showcased 8 – 10 times a day.