India’s Ranking in Most Attractive Destination for Retail Investment

According to US-based global management consulting firm, A.T. Keamey, vide its Report on 2012 Global Retail Development Index, India has been ranked the fifth most attractive destination for retail investment among 30 developing countries. The Report further states that India remains a high-potential market with accelerated retail market growth of 15 to 20 per cent expected over the next five years. It further mentions that the growth is supported by strong macro economic conditions including a 6 to 7 percent rise in GDP, higher disposable incomes and rapid urbanization. 

As per extant policy, FDI, up to 100%, is permitted, with prior Government approval, for single brand product retail trading. FDI is not permitted in Multi Brand Retail but a law is going to be discussed in this parliament session.

Apart from main stream market, India's Halal retail sector for more than 160 Million Muslim consumer is also going to be flourished. To grab the market of Halal retail, several entrepreneurs planning to trap the Muslim consumer. First of its kind retail store 'HAYAA' is opened in Bangalore this month which is a single place of shopping for multiple commodities compliance to Islamic values.

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