Indonesia Welcomes Indian Investment

India Business Forum Members Interacts with the Minister of Manpower of Indonesia

29th May 2015, The Embassy of India in Jakarta organized an interactive meeting for the members of the India Business Forum (IBF) with the Hon’ble Minister of Manpower of Indonesia H.E. Mr. Hanif Dhakiri on 29 May 2015 in Jakarta. Seventy members of the IBF participated in the meeting. In his opening remarks, the Ambassador of India to Indonesia and Timor Leste H.E. Mr. Gurjit Singh said that India had invested about US$ 15 billion and the bilateral trade between India and Indonesia was US$ 17 billion in 2014. The trade surplus is heavily in favour of Indonesia. India has contributed to the capacity building, transfer of technology and infrastructure development of Indonesia. Indian companies have created about 250,000 jobs for the Indonesians.

Highlighting the contribution of Indian companies to the overall economic and human resource development of Indonesia, the Ambassador sought the intervention of the Minister of Manpower to address specific problems - limitations on renewal of Kitas/licences, restriction on travelling to various cities inside Indonesia, inspection by Indonesian authorities at residential units - being faced by Indians and Indian companies in Indonesia.

Ambassador H.E. Mr. Gurjit Singh emphasized that Indian companies were generators of  employment and domestic capacities in Indonesia. While they had created about 250,000 jobs there were only about 10,000 Indian expatriates in Indonesia which was an enviable statistic. Hon’ble Minister of Manpower of Indonesia H.E. Mr. Hanif Dhakiri, in his keynote address, acknowledged the contribution of India to Indonesia in capacity building and creation of employment opportunities. He thanked the Indian companies for investing in Indonesia. On the new policy regulations, the Minister said that the government of Indonesia is trying to balance the ratio of local employees vis-à-vis expatriates in each company. At the same time, the Ministry of Manpower is determined to provide better services to the expatriates by launching online system for registration of companies/renewal of licences and Kitas. He requested the IBF members to approach the Ministry of Manpower directly for any specific problems and assured that it would be addressed appropriately. On the issue of inspection at residential units, the Minister said that the Government is on a move to curb illegal immigrants in the country.

Ambassador H.E. Mr. Gurjit Singh thanked the Minister of Manpower for his candid remarks and his offer to address the genuine problems of IBF members. Welcoming the initiative of curtailing illegal immigration, the Ambassador said that India also opposes illegal immigration. “India in Business” in Bahasa Indonesia launched The Hon’ble Minister of Manpower H.E. Mr. Hanif Dhakiri and the Ambassador of India H.E. Mr. Gurjit Singh jointly released a CD of Bahasa Indonesia version of the book “India in Business”. The book published by the Investment and Technology Promotion Division of the Ministry of External Affairs of India was translated into Bahasa Indonesia by the Indian Embassy to benefit the Indonesians to do business with India. The book is a comprehensive guide providing information on various aspects of investing in India, profiles of key sectors with sectoral trends and a blueprint of investment opportunities in India. Make in India campaign was also presented on the occasion.

The IBF members have had detailed discussions with the senior officials of the Ministry of Manpower seeking clarifications on rules and regulations on specific issues. The officials responded in detail to the queries raised and advised the IBF members to send their queries and problems through the Indian Embassy to the Ministry of Manpower which would be resolved by its technical team. The IBF members found the session to be very useful.

The IBF was an initiative of the Embassy of India in Indonesia with the aim to bring together Indian entrepreneurs and professionals in Indonesia for a concerted effort towards an enhanced economic engagement with Indonesia and play a facilitating role for new investments and technology transfers. Since its inception in July 2012, the IBF has held many interaction sessions with the leaders of Indonesia and has made extensive outreach activities to various regions of Indonesia, in association with KADIN and Regional Investment Boards, in its bid to expand bilateral economic engagement.

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